Unique Collection of Film Trailers

starts: 3rd May, 2024 18:00
Ends: 27th May, 2024 19:00

Part of a unique collection of film trailers, many from the 1950’s and 1960’s incorporating their individual composite parts of 35mm film footage, including prints, trims, negatives, mute footage, dupes, sound track and sound effect material used in the creation of trailers and titles for film release both in the U.K and for overseas export to various territories. Sealed in metal tins many labelled with their titles or their alternative export titles relating to their contents, some of which show significant external wear and rusting from age, the contents includes rolls of various 35mm film and sound stock used in the production of trailers and in some cases the actual trailer, these are generally in good internal condition with many enclosed in additional protective packaging.
These unique items include, in some cases, rare examples of working footage, such as 35mm positives, negatives, magnetic sound, opticals and trims, were retained, archived and stored in solid brick vaults over the years and since then placed in storage, once they were acquired some years ago from one of the leading UK film publicity companies following it’s closure. The company first established in 1926, worked with the vast majority of studios, distributors and publicists as specialists in the creation of film trailers and titles, in addition to the distribution of general publicity material from their site, dating from the late forties through to the 1980’s. The majority of these titles are in good condition, although some film and sound stock may show signs of age in some cases.