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GLOSSARY - Excalibur Auctions are happy to supply Condition Reports on the understanding that whilst every care is taken in detecting damage they will not be responsible for unseen faults. We recommend all potential purchasers examine all lots in person prior to bidding. The term 'general condition consistent with age' when used without any other text, refers to the fact that all items sold in auction are second hand and may therefore show signs, no matter how slight, of handling and use. Where faults or imperfections are mentioned in the description of any lots in this sale, the description of such does not form part of any guarantee or liability. The absence of any mention of faults or imperfections does not mean that such faults or imperfections are not present. All items sold are likely to have been subject to wear and tear caused by the user or the effects of age and it is the BUYER'S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that they are happy with the condition of the items they are buying.. If you would like a condition report please contact us. We take every care to provide an accurate condition report but we are not professional restorers and therefore we recommend that you consult such a professional within the appropriate field who will be in a much better position to advise you of the condition of any lot. Bidders must satisfy themselves as to the condition of any lots on which they wish to bid and any statement made by any member of Excalibur Auctions' staff, written or verbal, is a subjective qualified opinion and is only provided on this basis. Bidders are reminded to read our Terms & Conditions of Sale and note that by bidding on an item, they agree to be bound these Conditions of Sale. Glossary of Sizes BRITISH Posters BRITISH QUAD 30 x 40″ Most common poster size used in the UK. British Quads are horizontal and may have different artwork to the US one sheet. Like a US one sheet they normally come in two versions. Like a US one sheet they are usually supplied single-sided or more commonly now as a double sided poster. BRITISH ONE-SHEET 27 X 40″, printed on paper. Very rarely used size. UK HALF SHEET 22" X 28", printed on card stock. BRITISH DOUBLE CROWN (DC) 20" x 30", printed on paper stock. THREE SHEET 40" X 79", not as common as the U.S. Three Sheet and referred to as a six sheet in the UK. FRONT OF HOUSE CARDS 10" X 8", printed on card stock; usually issued in sets of eight in colour for display in theatre lobbies. US Posters LOBBY CARD 11 x 14″ printed on heavy stock paper. Used as display in theatre lobbies. Originally made in sets of eight. Some sets have a title card, which contains credits and artwork, essentially a mini-poster. The remaining seven cards are coloured photographic credits and poster artwork showing different scenes from the movie. WINDOW CARD 14 x 22″ printed on heavy stock paper with the top 4-6 inches usually left blank for the local cinema owner to fill in the cinema and the date it was due to play. Largely discontinued during the 1970’s. HALF SHEET 22 x 28″ printed on heavy stock paper. The image displayed is normally a smaller version of the main poster, although some do have different artworks and sometimes come in two versions. INSERT 14 x 36″ printed on heavy stock paper. Inserts usually have the same artwork as a one sheet. Popular with collectors since they are smaller and easier to frame. Normally come tri folded or rolled. 60” X 40” 60” X 40” printed on heavy stock paper. Rare since they were primarily used for major motion pictures only. Designed to be used outside the theatre, on an easel, normally at a drive-in movie theatre. ONE-SHEET 27 x 41″ printed on paper. This is the most common size of poster, intended to be displayed in a glass “marquee” case. It is the most sought after size by collectors. Since the 1980’s most posters are sent to the theatre rolled and maybe slightly smaller measuring 27″ by 40″ and with the advent of backlit light boxes a growing number of modern movie posters are available double-sided and the more traditional single-sided. THREE-SHEET 41 x 81″ printed on paper. These were printed on two or three separate sheets designed to overlap, few survive. Used for larger advertising spaces, normally posted on walls, perfect for huge movie theatres the drive-in, where people could see them from a distance. From the 1970’s on, three-sheets were sometimes printed in one piece and issued as “international” versions to be used abroad. ITALIAN Posters ITALIAN LOCANDINA 13 x 28″ six inches shorter than the US insert, very nice size to frame. Italian poster illustrators are some of the best in the industry. ITALIAN PHOTOBUSTA 18 x 26″ Glossy, high quality, used as lobby cards in Italy. Size may vary, either vertical or horizontal format. There are also double Photobusta or mini Photobusta. 2-FOGLI (DUE) (DUE): 39 x 55″ This is the standard poster size used in Italy. Italian poster illustrators are some of the best in the industry. 4-FOGLI (QUATTRO) 55 x 79″ Very large Italian poster printed in two pieces, often contains very beautiful artwork. FRENCH Posters FRENCH 47 x 63″ (GRANDE), 23.5” x 31.5” (MOYENNE) or 24 x 33″ (PETITE) French movie posters normally come with different artwork to either the US or the UK. Like the Italian posters some of the artwork is extremely beautiful. GERMAN Posters A1 23” x 17” – most common size Lobby Cards Vary in size – 8” x 12” to 12” x 18” BELGIAN Posters Belgian Affiche (s) 24” x 33” (before 1939) now 14” x 22” JAPANESE Posters B1 29” x 40” B2 Half Sheet: 22" X 28", printed on card stock. ARGENTINIAN Posters One Sheet 29” x 43” AUSTRALIAN Posters Daybill From 1910 to 1941, they measured 15" X 40" and all are called "Pre-War". Beginning from 1941 on, smaller sizes were printed, measuring 13" X 30". Daybills are similar to U.S. Inserts, but printed on thin paper stock. POLISH Posters Polish One Sheets 23" X 34", the same size as the German A1. But, because of paper shortages during the years of Soviet affiliation, the posters are not uniform as to size, paper, or colour.

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