Spring Cleaning? Raise some funds

Spring Cleaning? Raise some funds

02/04/2021     General News

Spring has long seen a tradition of Spring Cleaning - coming from the days when fireplaces were the source of heat, and once they were finished with for the year the house was cleaned of soot; and probably with origins based in religion when Jewish houses were cleaned before Passover; the Catholic Church thoroughly cleans the church altar on Maundy Thursday. In Greece and other Orthodox nations it is still traditional to clean the house completely just before or during Lent.

In wetter climates such as those in North America and Northern Europe the custom of Spring Cleaning was especially practical as March was often the best time for dusting with the weather being warm enough to open windows and doors - and high winds could carry dust through the house.

Nowadays, Spring Cleaning has taken on another meaning of being a deep clean - any heavy duty cleaning or organising.

The current trend for decluttering falls nicely with the tradition of Spring Cleaning. Advocates such as Marie Kondo promote only keeping things that 'spark joy'. S

So when you've decided what you want to keep and what needs to go, how do you deal with the items which are to leave?

The Daily Mirror recently published this article highlighting the value of items in the home. Many of us automatically think of donating to charity, and handing down to friends and family when we are done with belongings but there is often money to be made in many objects that are often found round the home.

As auctioneers we are regularly called upon to value specific collections of items such as Model Railways, Comics, Posters, Autographs and Vintage Toys which the seller knows have value. During these visits, people often remember other items that they have 'collected' over the years such as jewellery, furniture, clothing, coins, stamps, postcards, handbags to name but a few and there is often value in these things as well. So before your items go to the recycling centre request a valuation. If we can't help we usually know a man who can.

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