St Albans Postboxes December 2021

Starts: Mon, 27th Sep 2021 09:00
Ends: Mon, 4th Oct 2021 16:30

There is fierce competition to sponsor some of the prime postbox locations, so this year we've decided to auction them to the highest bidder.

Simply bid your maximum amount and the system will bid up to that amount for you - your debit/credit card will NOT be debited, all payments will need to be made via the fundraising page.

You will be notified if you are outbid, thus giving you the opportunity to increase your bid if you want to.

The auction bidding starts on 27th September at 9:00 am and runs through until Monday 4th October at 4:30pm. 

What this means is that that Lot 1 closes at 4:30 then there is a staggered finish until all twelve lots have closed.  If there is bidding in the last minute, then the close time is extended to allow underbidders to increase their bid.  Make sure you're around to watch the auction finish, as if you are outbid you will only have a further minute to increase your bid.

So no sniping is possible!

Use this opportunity to promote your business and support the amazing work that Youth Talk and ADD-vance do in our local community.


Happy bidding and please do call us at Excalibur if you're stuck!