Excalibur Auctions Unveils a Holy Grail for Star Wars Collectors

An original 1978 PALITOY Star Wars Jawa Figure with Rare Vinyl Cape on 12-Back Card

12/07/2023     Vintage Toys

Jonathan Torode, Excalibur’s Auctioneer commented: “This figure is one of the rarest carded Star Wars figures known to exist, with approximately 10-15 examples documented - the vinyl cape on the Jawa, was substituted with a cloth cape not long into production, and the UK PALITOY carded variation is even rarer than the USA Kenner version. It’s a privilege to handle such a piece of Star Wars toy history.”

A highly coveted PALITOY Star Wars Jawa, figure with a rare Vinyl Cape on its original 12-back card (SW-12A). This extraordinary piece will be presented for auction on July 22nd, 2023, in our Toys & Model Railways Collectors Sale with an estimate of £10,000 – £15,000.

The 12-back card remains almost flat, exhibiting slight creasing in the corners due to careful storage, and remarkably retains the original punch tab in situ. The card's colours are immaculate, and the bubble has not suffered any yellowing, as the figure has never been displayed.

The figure also comes with a distinguished provenance. The vendor, who served as the Art Director for Marvel UK between 1974 and 1979, received these figures as a gift from PALITOY during the promotion of the Star Wars line in Marvel's comics. The figure carries an E grade on a VG/E card, representing its exceptional condition.

Other Star Wars figures in the sale from the same vendor include a Stormtrooper and a Sand People figure, both on similar 12-back PALITOY cards.

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