Other Services


Most insurance companies require accurate lists of items and collections and up to date values as part of this. Professional photographs and descriptions aid with the recovery of items which are stolen.

We're happy to help advise or complete this service.

Probate Valuations

Our team of specialist valuers are always happy to help in the event of needing a probate valuation for inheritance tax purposes.  We have experience in liaising with executors and probate solicitors, and can also recommend house clearance companies.  These valuations can also be the basis for dividing an estate between beneficiaries, or in the event of selling unwanted items in auction.

Professional Valuations

All valuations are provided in writing to be used for probate, insurance and capital gains tax - for everything from single items to large collections.

Charity Auctions

As a company, we at Excalibur Auctions support all efforts to raise money for charity.  Whether this be offering commission free sales in one of our specific auctions or providing auction services for your charity event.




Freelance Auctioneer / Auction Services                                                                     

Have kit - will travel!


Having spent several years running our auctions in hotels for several auction companies, we are more than happy to provide an elite team (auctioneer, internet operator, porter support, clerk) to run your auction     

We can also compile catalogues in advance using specialist catalogue software - provide us with a list of the lots and a photograph of each one and we will do the rest that can then be sent out as a pdf or printed out as a hard copy - either in house or using a professional printing service 



If you've got any questions, and want a chat with either Sarah or Jonathan about your requirements please just give us a call on 020 3633 0913 or email us hello@excaliburauctions.com

We aim to answer all written enquiries within 24 hours